In accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, the work of the clinics is a sign of evangelization and an instrument of healing to the people of God.

 There are 5 Diocesan clinics:

St. Croix Clinic, Santa Cruz,

Holy Spirit Clinic, Maggotty,

St. Vincent Strambi Clinic, Bull Savannah,

St. Paul’s Clinic,  Mandeville 

St. John Bosco, Hatfield

A Clinic Committee was recently established to oversee the acquisition and distribution of medicines to the clinics as well as to monitor the influx of doctors, nurses, dentists and other volunteers who may visit the diocese. Sr. Purita Ringor, I.C.M. is the Medical Coordinator for the Clinics. A medical doctor, she also provides support by offering her services in the form of consultations on a weekly rotation basis.

Outreach programs include HIV/AIDS support group ministry and Families with Children with Disabilities support group.