The Diocesan schools were established and exist under the Gospel mission to “go forth and teach all nations” with the aim of educating youth under the Catholic tradition of caring, service and a commitment to justice. There are:

  • Ten Early Childhood Institutions (ages 3-5) across the three civil parishes of the Diocese.
  • Six Preparatory Schools (ages 5-10).
  • Two High Schools – St. Vincent Strambi High School in Bull Savannah and Mt. St. Joseph Catholic High School in Mandeville.
  • The Catholic College of Mandeville – a college with teacher training and currently expanding to include degrees in other disciplines.
  • Three vocational training institutions.


Supporting Programmes:

  • School Feeding programme that ensures that children receive at least one square meal a day at school.
  • Scholarship Fund to subsidize the cost of schooling, transportation and lunch money.