Laity Involvement in the Church

IMG_5336Laity Involvement in the Church


Through the inclusion of the laity in all aspects of Church life, it is hoped that their involvement and sense of ownership of the Church will be strengthened. Fr. James Price, C.P. joined the Diocese in 2014 with the purpose of carrying out the vision of a strong Evangelizing Ministry.  He  is the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) and Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) Representative, and Sr. Lucy Kamene, ASN is the Coordinator.


Prior to Fr. James’ arrival, Bishop Neil formed a Biblical Animation Team to introduce the laity to the practice of Lectio Divina. ABP is integral to the evangelization process. This method of praying the scriptures focuses on helping individuals to strengthen their prayer lives (intimacy with the Good News) and hence develop a Church which practices the Faith handed to us by Jesus Christ.


Ms. Carleen Cato,  who also joined the Diocese in 2014 as Catechetical Coordinator, along with Miss Alicia Christie, Youth Coordinator, have been travelling to each of our 26 parishes and missions in an attempt to strengthen the Catechetical and Youth ministries by ensuring the formation of strong RCIA and Sunday School  programmes.


A Vocational Team was formed and headed by Fr. Timothy Gadziala, VG, JV, for the development of vocations in the Diocese.


The ongoing training of prayer group leaders, RCIA Catechist, Youth Leaders and general Laity training are integral to the development of the laity for Lay involvement; these are being encouraged by Bishop Neil, CP at both the Parish and Diocesan level.